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From day one, every dollar earned in the name of Levi Knop has  gone towards building funds for the scholarship given out in his name.  It is our wish that we continue to touch the lives of young people that live to be wholesome, ambitious, and kind adults...and we want to award them scholarships for their advanced education.  These scholarships can be used towards learning a trade, as well as college tuition.  And, unlike most scholarships, ours are not based on grades or need...but rather based on character.  


Nomination applications will be available on this site for the 2020 school year soon.  Please check back often as this site will be updated often.




If you would like to further help our cause and see the value in our efforts, please consider donating directly to the #LLL Foundation.  Click the yellow star on the  'Donate' button below and enter any dollar amount you would like to contribute.  No amount is too small, as the dollars will add up and provide our scholarship recipients a chance to further their educational pathway.

The Knop Family would like to be clear that First Bank of Thomasville directly handles monies collected from ALL donations, ticket sales, fundraisers, and proceeds of hat, shirt, blanket  and fundraiser items sold.

Thank you in advance for your support and allowing us to share with the schools each year about our son, what makes him special, and allowing us to bless the lives of other children in his name.

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