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Levi Knop was born to Marshall and Joy Knop on December 11, 2000 and was tragically taken from us on January 29, 2019, just a month after his 18th birthday.  He was on his way to school when he was struck by another driver, pushing his truck into a tree just a few miles from his home.  Levi leaves many friends and family grieving for his loss, but he left an indelible mark on his community that is worth emulating and that will be our focus from here forward--to honor his name and  memory by spreading love, joy and overall kindness... just how Levi lived his life!  

The #LiveLikeLevi movement started out of pure love for Levi...the hurt was so great immediately following his death that only love could pull us through.  This website is dedicated to him with hopes it will offer a platform for us to be inspired to be more like Levi. Please join us in this movement!  As Joy has said, 'spread kindness and love like confetti.  Sprinkle it EVERYWHERE!'  

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